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As the owner of Leather Emporium, I have recently engaged Ken Matheson in the capacity of a business coach. Initially, my wife and I were sceptical as to how much benefit we would derive from any business coach,having tried a previous business coach and not acheiving the results I had hoped for.

As a small business owner, I am results driven, and consider extra profit sitting on the table to gauge as to whether something is working or not. We have found Kens ability to identify problems, offer constructive criticism, then provide a solution to fix the problem, and therefore provide a better result from an unemotional perspective which is invaluable to our improving the way we operate our business

Being a business owner and operator, it is virtually impossible to take a step back and analyse clearly and unemotionally where and how improvements need to be done. Ken quickly and skillfully identifies areas of concern and offers manageable steps to rectify any obstacles to obtain a favourable result.

I am happy to discuss our positive experience with Ken thus far and look forward to making many more changes to improve the operation of our business  and to also benefit financially
  Daniel Smith
Managing Director LEATHER EMPORIUM Maroochydore


As owner operators of a national retail franchise & having over 12years experience in Retail Management/Marketing Wholesaling, we felt well prepared and advised in our business till the G.F.C. Fortunately with a long list of advisors being associated with the largest retail group in our industry, we were confident our fears and concerns would be well managed through a network of professionals as we faced a challenging economic climate.

How wrong we were, to our amazement at every level not one person was able to offer more than the basic advice, get your turnover! and are you advertising?Discount, it's the only way to get customers spending in your shop! Disount, Discount.

Out of total frustration and disillusioned by a lack of professional advice we decided to take control of the situation search out anyone that may offer direction. Through recommendation we contacted Ken Matheson [The Small Business Advisory Centre] who promptly and thoroughly conducted a detailed analysis of our business financial affairs.

Within a very short period of time Ken returned with crucial feedback outlining worrying trends/patterns of concern that if addressed immediately would produce significantly improved results. Through gentle persuasion and continued support we implemented KPIs, Marketing Strategies, practical professional advice resulting in our business performing at a premium whilst returning a gross profit seemingly unachievable even prior the G.F.C

Three months down the track, despite the unstable business environment appearing to persist, as a small business operator we continue to refine our processes under the watchful eye of Ken, remaining focused on achieving our goals as we take our business to a level we could not have imagined.

 D & L Smith

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